Houston Texans Draft Prep: Tracking the Texans Scouting Trips

Taking a closer look at what games and practices the Houston Texans have been at the past three off-seasons under Bill O'Brien.

The off-season has begun and the Houston Texans have working on the road over the past two weekends, checking out prospects at the East-West Shrine Game, NFLPA Bowl, and at this weeks Reese's Senior Bowl. 

At State of the Texans, we have been tracking where the organization has been in regard to college games and practices they have taken in. 

The charting starts prior to the season coach Bill O'Brien took over the Houston Texans, during the summer of 2014. We take a closer look at the three off-seasons leading up to the draft under O'Brien.

Here are a couple reasons that we are taking this route:  

  1. The Texans are closing in on prospects who they have been keeping an eye on for close to three seasons. Their time to be drafted is coming up. 
  2. Also: trends. We want to key in on where team personnel has been watching prospects and how closely they have been tracking players. 

2013 Games and Practices Attended 

8.29 Ole Miss vs. Vandy Indiana
8.31 Kentucky vs. Western Kentucky Wyoming
8.31 LSU vs. TCU Purdue
9.1 Ohio vs. Louisville Memphis
9.7 Southeastern Louisiana vs. TCU Ball State
9.7 Duke vs. Memphis Houston Baptist
9.14 Purdue vs. Notre Dame Penn State
9.19 Clemson vs. N.C. State Alabama
10.5 Ohio State vs. Northwestern Montana
10.5 Stanford vs. Washington Liberty
10.12 Texas A&M vs. Ole Miss South Dakota
10.19 Iowa vs. Ohio State Arizona State
10.19 Navy vs. Toledo Cal
10.19 Washington vs. Arizona State Furman
10.26 Boston College vs. North Carolina  
10.26 Buffalo vs. Kent  
10.26 Missouri vs. South Carolina  
11.2 Florida vs. Georgia  
11.9 Florida vs. Vanderbilt  
11.9 Nebraska vs. Michigan  
11.12 Buffalo vs. Toledo  
11.23 Coastal Carolina vs. South Carolina  
12.28 Miami vs. Louisville  
12.30 Oregon vs. Texas

2014 Games and Practices Attended 

8.23 Sam Houston State vs. Eastern Washington  South Alabama
8.30 LSU vs. Wisconsin Purdue
8.30 UT Martin vs. Kentucky Bowling Green
8.31 Tennessee vs. Utah State Oklahoma
9.1 Louisville vs. Miami Oregon State
9.4 Arizona vs. UTSA Uconn
9-6 Virginia Tech vs. Ohio State Boise State
9.6 Vanderbilt vs. Ole Miss Kentucky
9.13 Nevada vs. Arizona Western Kentucky
9.20 Clemson vs. FSU USC
9.20 South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt Idaho
9.27 N.C. State vs. Florida State Utah
10.4 Arizona State vs. USC
10.4 Oklahoma vs. TCU  
10.4 Baylor vs. Texas  
10.4 Utah vs. UCLA  
10.11 TCU vs. Baylor  
10.11 LSU vs. Florida  
10.11 Oregon vs. LSU  
10.11 Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M  
10.18 Texas A&M vs. Alabama  
10.18 Notre Dame vs. Florida State  
10.24 Ohio State vs. Penn State  
10.25 Alabama vs. Tennessee  
11.8 Iowa vs. Minnesota  
11.8 Ohio State vs. Michigan State  
11.15 Missouri vs. Texas A&M  
11.18 Arizona State vs. Oregon State  
11.18 Mississippi State vs. Alabama  
11.20 Kansas State vs. West Virginia  
11.22 Indiana vs. Ohio State  
12.4 East Carolina vs. UCF  
12.29 Texas vs. Arkansas

2015 Games and Practices Attended 

9.3 North Carolina vs. South Carolina Purdue
9.4 Auburn vs. Louisville Georgia
9.4 Alabama vs. Wisconsin Alabama (11.4)
9.4 Texas A&M vs. Arizona State FAU (11.12)
9.4 Missouri vs. Southeast Missouri State Marshall (10.27/10.29)
9.12 Oregon at Michigan State West Virgina
9.12 UTSA vs. Kansas State Colorado State (Sept. 29)
9.18 New Mexico vs. Arizona State Utah State Blue and White Game
9.20 Ole Miss vs. Alabama UCF (8.20)
9.20 Cal vs. Texas Western Kentucky (8.13)
9.26 Arizona State vs. USC Sam Houston State (8.13)
10.3 Alabama vs. Georgia Illinois
10.10 Michigan State vs. Rutgers (Rick Smith) Illinois State
10.10 Penn State vs. Indiana Kansas State
10.10 Ohio State vs. Maryland Florida State (11.17)
10.17 West Virginia vs. Baylor  
10.17 Michgan vs. Michgan State  
10.22 FSU vs. Georgia Tech  
10.22 Clemson vs. Miami  
10.22 East Carolina vs. Temple  
10.24 Penn State vs. Maryland  
10.29 TCU vs. West Virginia  
10.29 Oregon vs. Arizona State  
11.5 Baylor vs. Kansas State  
11.7 TCU vs. Oklahoma State  
11.7 Arkansas vs. Ole Miss  
11.7 Michgan vs. Rutgers  
11.7 Tennessee vs. South Carolina  
11.14 Memphis vs. Houston  
11.19 Michgan State vs. Ohio State  
11.19 Michgan vs. Penn State  
11.19 Cal vs. Stanford  
11.28 ECU vs. Cincinnati  
11.28 West Virginia vs. Kansas State  
12.11 North Dakota State vs. Jacksonville State  
12.29 Cal vs. Air Force  
12.30 Memphis vs. Auburn

Key Notes Over the Three Year Span

(Note: these are the known visits, plenty are not known)

Top Schools Visited By the Texans 

  • Arizona State (9)
  • Alabama, Ohio State (8)
  • Ole Miss (7)
  • TCU, Texas A&M (6)
  • Michigan State, West Virginia, LSU, Clemson, South Carolina, Memphis, Louisville, Penn State, California, Oregon, Texas, Kansas State, Baylor, Florida State (5)

Of these top schools that showed up on the most watched schools, Memphis, California, Michigan State and Penn State all have quarterbacks that are being considered 1st round selections. 

  • The Texans also picked up their pace this past college season on trips to Memphis and California to take in their respective players.
  • Additionally, there was also a shift under O'Brien to include more Pac-12 schools in the scouting net. 

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