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Tra Carson and the Houston Texans Meet At The NFL Combine

The Houston Texans have met with Texas A&M running back Tra Carson at the NFL Combine.

The Houston Texans continue their work at the NFL Combine and have met with Texas A&M running back, Tra Carson. Carson mentioned that he has met with every teams at the NFL Combine entering his workouts on Friday. Carson was the primary back of the Aggies running game and, on 242 carries, amassed 1,165 yards and 7 touchdowns. He also showed that he has some ability to catch the ball consistently while chipping in for 29 receptions with 183 yards plus a touchdown in 2015. 

In three seasons at College Station, Carson averaged 4.8 yards per carry with 39 total rushing touchdowns. Carson had over 1,969 all-purpose yards in his career and could possibly be used as a third-down back in the NFL due to his catching ability. 

Carson, like many players, is going to have to show his worth on special teams to solidify a spot on a NFL roster. 

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