Carson Wentz Meets With the Texans For the Second Time This Offseason

The Houston Texans and North Dakota State's Carson Wentz meet at the NFL Combine which marks the second time this off-season.

For the second time this offseason, the Houston Texans have met with North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, according to ESPN’s Tania Ganguli. The Texans met with Wentz at the Senior Bowl, which makes him one of the few prospects with whom the team has met more than once.

At North Dakota State, Wentz went 20-3 in 23 career starts for the Bison, leading them two NCAA Division I FCS national championships. A two-time captain, Wentz missed eight games his senior year due to a broken wrist, but came back to start in the national championship game.

For his career, Went threw for 5,115 yards with 45 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. A career 64% completion percentage, Wentz is going to have to prove to scouts of NFL teams that his FCS background is no reason not to draft him.

Wentz feels he was full prepared at North Dakota State with the style of offense they ran.

“At North Dakota State, we were pro-style, under center quite a bit,” explained Wentz at the NFL Combine. “Huddle up. Over the last couple years we got really multiple with that. We ended up doing a lot of different stuff out of the gun.”

He continued, “I was in charge of a lot at the line of scrimmage, changing plays, run checks, all sorts of fun stuff with that.”

The foundation is there for Wentz to make the transition to the NFL and he, along with Cal’s Jared Goff, are considered the top two options at the quarterback position for the 2016 NFL Draft.

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