Monday Morning Wake Up Call: Where Do The Houston Texans Go From Here?

Where do the Houston Texans go from here heading to the NFL Draft? Plus a look on how Brock Osweiler landed with the Texans as their new quarterback.

Brock Osweiler to Houston

The Houston Texans have put themselves into a coveted spot as compared to some other teams in the NFL. The Texans, for the first time in two full seasons, have a direction at the quarterback spot. With Brock Osweiler now the apparent signal caller for the near future, details have emerged regarding the situation as left Denver. 

It was clear that Osweiler was gone from the Broncos after he was benched for Peyton Manning in week 17, according to Mike Klis.

Osweiler’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, informed his client to not communicate with the Broncos, teammates or coaches until a deal was reached with one of the teams. 

There were two offers made to Osweiler from the Broncos. A 3-year $39 million initial contract, according to John McClain, and 4-year $60-65 million contract with $30-35 million guaranteed. When the Texans offered the 4-year $72 million dollar deal with $37 million guaranteed, Sexton did not give the Broncos a chance to match the Texans offer. 

One thing that should not be overlooked is that the final offer to Osweiler from the Broncos should not be taken as their final offer towards him. With Sexton not allowing the Broncos to match the final offer from the Texans, there is no telling how high the Broncos would have gone. 

Where do the Texans Go from Here?

The Texans are done spending the big dollars on free agents after investing heavily in Brock Osweiler, Lamar Miller, and Jeff Allen. With players like John Simon and A.J. Bouye holding qualifying offers, the Texans have to account for their potential deals within the coming weeks if they want to match the offers. Do not count out the Texans potentially working out new deals with both of the defensive players to keep their depth solid for the coming seasons. 

The Texans are also keeping a close eye on Quintin Demps but nothing is imminent with the amount of youth they have on their depth chart at safety. 

The team’s fortunes have changed some and, with the Texans taking care of select, key roster issues, their needs moving towards the draft have evened out. Early thoughts for the draft could be pointed to the wide receiver, offensive tackle, tight end or defensive end. 

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