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Brock Osweiler Finally Brings Stability and Direction to the Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are confident Brock Osweiler can bring stability to the quarterback situation.

The Houston Texans were in desperation mode heading to the NFL Draft looking to find their next quarterback for the franchise. Luckily, the Texans stumbled upon a situation that the Denver Broncos mishandled as they allowed Brock Osweiler to hit the open market. That is all the Texans needed and with all the time the team had devoted studying free agents, Bill O’Brien and Rick Smith knew Osweiler was going to be their target. 

http://www.scout.com/nfl/texans/story/1654107-texans-qb-talk-right-now-h... During the period when there was no contact allowed by the NFL for teams to talk to players, the Texans had to work a deal directly with Osweiler’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, to get him in the mad dash that the first wave of free agency creates. The Texans did their background work and tape study, learning what exactly Osweiler was both on and off the football field. 

“He’s a big, tall guy with a strong arm and he stands in the pocket,” said O’Brien of Osweiler. “When the rush is bearing down on him, he delivers the ball. Look, it’s not always complete but there’s a lot that goes into that. I think the one thing that I like about this guy is that he’s got good leadership ability. Like I said, he’s tough, he’s got a good arm, he’s accurate. We spent a lot of time studying a lot of different guys, college guys, pro guys, and we felt like Brock gave us the best chance to win.”

The Texans took the safe route and spent what they needed to land Osweiler and make sure they did not have to depend on Brian Hoyer or a rookie quarterback who could be well in over his head in year one. Throwing for 1,967 yards with 10 touchdowns and 6 interceptions, Oswieler led the Broncos to a 5-2 record in the seven games he started. He was an instrumental piece in getting the Broncos into position late in the season to make the playoffs in their run to the Super Bowl. 

The Texans see enough from the small sample size of the 21 games in which he has appeared in four seasons to feel he is the perfect fit for the offense. 

“I thought he was a very good fit, obviously,” explained O’Brien. “We felt like he was a guy that everything that he brought to the table from his command at the line of scrimmage to his skillset as a passer. For a big guy – I’m sure you guys know his history, he played basketball – he’s a very, very good athlete. We think he’s a great fit for our offense.”

O’Brien pointed out the performances against the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots as the two games that stood out on what Osweiler did best. 

The Texans handed him a team iPad to get him started on learning the offense and that is as far as the team could go in regards to discussing football with him. On April 18th, the Texans will unwrap their new quarterback for most to see and usher in the Osweiler Era to the city of Houston.

“We watch a lot of tape with myself, (offensive coordinator) George Godsey, (executive vice president of football operations) Rick (Smith), we watched a bunch of tape. We felt like this was the best guy for us and what we were trying to get done.”


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