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The Houston Texans Impacted by the Rams and Titans Blockbuster Trade

The blockbuster trade between the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans sent shockwaves around the NFL. Even the Houston Texans will feel the ripple effects from this deal.

The Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans have sent shock waves through the NFL with their blockbuster draft trade. Assuming the Rams are moving up for either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz, the move put into perspective on the cost it would take for the Texans if they wanted to move up from #22 overall. 


So does (and if so, how) this change the fortunes for the Houston Texans? 

One thing is for sure, the Texans have to be enjoying the fact that they landed Brock Osweiler during free agency, and not dumping massive amount of picks to move that far up the board. To move up 14 spots, the Rams had to move five extra picks plus two that are in the 2017 NFL draft. 

Imagine what moving up from #22 would have cost to get into the top two slots. 

http://www.scout.com/nfl/texans/story/1660781-j-j-watt-discusses-the-tex... Signs were pointing to the Rams being in the market for a wide receiver at #15, however, this move could push the likes of Laquon TreadwellMichael ThomasCorey Coleman and Will Fuller down the board leaving more options at #22 for the Texans. Plus, with wide receivers getting pushed down the board, the Texans could possibly look toward another position, knowing that the entire receiver board could change deeper into the draft. The wide receiver position is a clear need for the Texans heading into the NFL Draft however that situation becomes much more fluid with the trade between the Rams and Titans. 

Being in the AFC South, the Tennessee Titans  could line up for big gains on the rebuild of their roster with the five additional draft picks they received with this move. With the Texans and Jaguars making big strides on paper to take control of the AFC South, the Titans know they have to build a roster to compete in this division. 

Youth is the key for the NFL and now the Titans have doubled down to bring an infusion of youth to their roster. The picks still need to be made and developed for the long haul, but there is a clear vision on the AFC South becoming more interesting than in years past. 

The Texans no doubt have some decisions to make and with a trade of this magnitude, the draft board and the AFC South have changed in a matter of a day. 


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