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Texans' Jaelen Strong Taking Full Responsibility For Off-Season Mishap

Houston Texans Jaelen Strong is taking full responsibility for letting down him teammates and fans from his off-season arrest.

It is the one thing the Houston Texans do not appreciate when it comes to its players: getting into trouble off the field. Jaelen Strong ran into trouble in Scottsdale, Arizona this off-season and was charged with marjiuana possession when pulled over. It was the type of black eye that the Texans want to avoid and something on which the organization prides itself when building their team. As for Strong, it was a situation that he has taken full responsibility for. 

“It’s pretty embarrassing,” said Strong to the media at NRG Stadium, “Forget about me, but my family, the Houston Texans and everybody that gave me an opportunity and believed in me.”

The punishment outcome has not be announced, so the Texans and Strong are waiting. 

“It’s up in the air right now,” explained Strong, “I don’t really know what’s going on right now. All I can say is I’m here ready to get to work and be great for the 2016 season.”

In his first full season with the Texans, Strong caught 14 passes for 161 yards and three touchdowns. With the exit of Nate Washington, the 2015 third-round selection has become the favorite to start opposite of DeAndre Hopkins this coming season. 

He might have to miss a game this season due to his incident but he is not letting it slow him down getting ready for the upcoming season. 

“It’s a setback but that’s nothing I haven’t been through before, I’ve been through plenty of setbacks,” said Strong. “I’m just ready to get to work and put it all out on the field.”

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