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Texans Rick Smith On Brian Hoyer "I Think I Could Have Gotten a Pick"

Houston Texans felt they could have received a pick for Brian Hoyer but they did what was best for the quarterback.

During Houston Texans’ general manager Rick Smith’s pre-draft press conference, he discussed the situation regarding Brian Hoyer leading up to his release. 

"I think I could have gotten a pick but in fairness to him (Hoyer), we felt it was the right time for him and us to make the move." said Smith. 

"Everything that we do and when we do it, we have multiple conversations about it and while there may have been some value there for us organizationally, we just felt like it was the right time to do it, and not just for him but for us as well." explained Smith. "It was just the right time we felt organizationally and so we made the move.”

The Texans felt it was the right time to release Hoyer and get him the chance to find another team prior to the start of the NFL Draft. The Texans kept the best interest for the player in focus and not drag out the situation. With the Texans opting to move to Brock Osweiler, there was no room for Hoyer moving forward. The Texans released Hoyer the day before of the start of the the first phase of OTAs.  

With the track record over recent seasons on landing draft picks or a player for Matt Schuab, Case Keenum, Ryan Fitzpatrick and T.J. Yates. It was a surprise that the Texans let him go without any compensation. 

It was clear the Texans did what they could to make sure they did what was right for Hoyer and not the organization. Situations like these are looked at closely by future players that might end up with the Texans. 

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