Texans Notebook: Draft Podcast: Part One and News Plus Notes Heading To The 2016 NFL Draft

News and notes on the Houston Texans early draft thoughts plus a special edition of the State of the Texans Podcast.

  • Senior personnel advisor, Bobby Grier; national scout, Ed Lambert; and college scout, Bob Beers, will all be retiring at the end of the season. Each has been instrumental in helping general manager, Rick Smith, in his tenure with the Texans. Grier is the most notable one, with his history with the New England Patriots and being the person. who called Michigan to check on Tom Brady and put him on their draft board. Grier also was instrumental in helping steer the Texans to make the decision to draft J.J. Watt in 2011. 

  • There is a better understanding between the scouting department and coaching staff to build their draft board for 2016. Smith expresses his feeling that, “…the process is a lot smoother now…” which should be expected, especially with the focus on getting exactly which players are needed to run what the staff wants offensively and defensively. 

  • Smith feels that this is a strong wide receiver and quarterback draft class in terms of depth. Also, there are thoughts that there is more depth through each round (1-7) at most positions. In 2015, the Texans felt the prospects after the fourth and fifth round dropped off, which caused the Texans to move up for Benardrick McKinney and Jaelen Strong. 

  • The Texans continue to preach that they treat free agency and the draft differently. They want to stay away from drafting for need and stay with their best player available approach. 

  • The Texans' position at #22 overall is considered a prime spot for wide receivers. If the Texans decided to take one, this draft position will allow the opportunity to pull in one of the top four wide receivers in the draft. 

  • Right now, the Texans have split up their group to concentrate on different parts of the draft. Rick Smith, Brian Gaine, Bill O’Brien, and the coaching staff are concentrating on the top of the draft board, while Jon Carr (director of college scouting) and Chris Olsen (VP, football administration) are concentrating on the free agency process to land priority rookies. 

State of the Texans Podcast

A new year and new cast, SOTT kicks off a new year of the podcast with the part one of the Texans heading to the draft. 


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