Blue and Gold News: Who Is the Houston Texans' K.J. Dillon?

A closer look at rookie Houston Texans safety K.J. Dillon with help from Blue and Gold News.

State of the Texans enlisted the help of fellow Scout.com publisher Kevin Kinder who covers the West Virginia Mountaineers. 

He helped give his look on new safety K.J. Dillon

On the field, K.J. can defend both against the run and the pass. He played a hybrid strong safety\outside linebacker position i West Virginia's 3-3-5 defense, but he's definitely a safety in the pros. He has a wiry build, so he won't overpower opposing blockers, but he eludes them well and brings momentum when he makes tackles. He's very good at cutting foes down at the legs and knees, and is usually a dependable tackler. He might be a little better against the run than against the pass, but I don't think his pass coverage is a liability. He will need to learn to cover from different positions on the field, but WVU moved its strong safety types around against different formations, so he has experience in covering slots, tight ends, and backs out of the backfield. He's very aggressive in defending the run, and he should also be a good candidate for special teams.

Off the field he's even better. He's not reserved with his opinions and thoughts, and is very honest in his assessments. He doesn't rip people or share those thoughts in a bad way, though. He's really fun to interview, and is great to talk with. He jokes and is funny, but he always has something good to share. He was a leader on the team without question, as his teammates respected his candor and the way he played on the field.

You could sum him up as an "all-in" personality. He gives everything he has on the field and off, and from my perspective was one of the most fun players to watch and cover during his time at WVU.  He's the kind of guy that everyone will root for.


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