Houston Texans Defensive Line Situation Still Up In the Air

The Houston Texans defensive line situation is a mystery but Bill O'Brien is in no rush to reveal the teams' plans.

Just like the tight end position, the Houston Texans have a vacancy on the defensive end, opposite of J.J. Watt. Many felt, including State of the Texans, that the Texans would address that opening through the draft. The team added help on the defensive line, but it was at nose tackle with the selection of D.J. Reader

If the Texans had to play a game tomorrow, there is little direction on who that player who be starting. Bill O’Brien is not worried about who would be the potential starter because there is not a game anytime soon. 

“Well we don’t have to play a game tomorrow, so that’s a hypothetical,” said O’Brien when he was asked who would be the starter. “We have a lot of candidates. We have a number of guys on the defensive line job that are versatile guys that can play defensive end, that can play nose, so there’s a number of guys. I’m not going to list the names.”

The candidates range from Devon Still, Jeoffrey PaganChristian Covington, Brandon DunnDan Pettinato and even Vince Wilfork has experience at that position. The only constant is Watt but there are plenty of possible moves and work will be put on the field before the team makes any real decisions. 

With rookie free agents arriving this coming week, the Texans will get a better feel for their roster. OTAs and mini-camp will also help guide decision making heading into training camp, but O’Brien is in no real rush to convey what their plans are at the defensive end position. 

“Lot of moving parts right now and we’re looking forward to Monday and getting going,” said O’Brien. 

The Texans start phase 2 of their off-season program, allowing players to hit the field with coaches to start learning the system when rookies report to Houston on Thursday, rookie-mini camp kicking off on Friday and ending on Sunday. 


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