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The Houston Texans Never Wavered Supporting Duane Brown While Facing Suspension

The Houston Texans never wavered in their support for Duane Brown when he was facing a 10-game suspension.

It was a long process to finally get Houston Texans veteran tackle, Duane Brown, cleared of any wrongdoing when he tested positive for a banned substance after the bye week in 2015. The Texans went into the off-season knowing of the potential suspension and, with some hard work from the NFLPA and Brown sitting down and explaining the situation, the NFLPA was able to overturn a ruling with their appeal in a rare victory for players versus the NFL. 

Brown tested positive for Clenbuterol which is used to control asthma and as an unregulated weight-loss supplement. Meat he ate in a trip to Mexico caused the positive test, leading to a long process to get his name cleared. 

“Well that was an unusual situation, I have never heard that sort a thing happening before,” said team owner, Bob McNair. “I am delighted the league looked into it and understood and determined that he really did not do anything wrong.”

The Texans were trying to put together their off-season plan but the uncertainty of Brown's appeal was in the back of the organizations mind. McNair was pleased with the news on the appeal working and the Texans having Brown for the start of the season. 

“It is big, I was concerned about." said McNair of the suspension being overturned and potentially not having Brown for ten game. "To have him available is a tremendous boost.”


Coach Bill O’Brien stood behind what Brown told him from the onset of the situation and finally spoke on the situation regarding his starting left tackle.  

“My trust and faith in Duane never wavered, so I knew, based on what he was telling us, it was going to come out on the right end,” said O’Brien. 

The Texans dodged a disaster with Brown set to miss 10-games, but things turned out in his favor. 

Ultimately, Duane Brown had the last laugh when it was all said and done.

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