Houston Texans' Braxton Miller Settling Into His New Home

The start of rookie mini-camp for the Houston Texans already has Braxton Miller ready to do the right thing for his team.

One of the main attractions at rookie mini-camp is the Texans third round selection, wide receiver, Braxton Miller. Carrying himself confidently on the field, Miller showed on day one that he has a skill set that can help the Texans at some point this season. Miller along with thirty rookies took the field for the first time as NFL players in a three day mini-camp helping them get acclimated to the Texans way of life.  

“Oh man. I love it, it’s football,” said Miller after his first official practice. “I’m just happy to be here and just enhance my game, help the guys that are on the team.”

Miller, like the rest of the rookies, is working hard to get settled in his new home for the near future and, most importantly, understanding the NFL life. Many rookies end up getting a rude awakening with the Texas humidity and the native from Ohio took notice. 

“It’s something different coming from Ohio,” explained Miller. “You’ve just got to hydrate, stretch, and do extra stuff, cold tank and just see the trainers.”

Miller said many times he was grateful for coach Bill O’Brien and the organization taking chance on him in the NFL draft. If it is as a slot wide receiver or as a returner, Miller wants to be available to help the team out in every way possible. 

With so much to learn and little time available, Miller wants to take care of the football side of things before thinking outside of football. Getting to know about the city of Houston is going to have to wait, but he knows that he will be staying for a while. 

When asked about Houston and how much he knew of it, Miller simply said with a smile. 

“Not familiar,” said Miller of Houston. “but it’s my new home.”


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