Houston Texans Nick Martin Glad To Get Back To Playing Football

Houston Texans rookie center, Nick Martin, is excited to get back to playing football at rookie mini-camp

When it comes to the Houston Texans 2016 draft class, the theme is adding speed to an offense that needs help. The most important piece from the draft class from day one might be the one who does not exactly fit that description, center, Nick Martin


 Expected to come in and win the starting center spot, Martin has the build and football smarts to win the position and hold onto it for the coming seasons. 

With the start of rookie mini-camp, Martin has taken the lead and is vocal when setting the huddle. It is clear the other young lineman followed his lead. Martin is making a positive, early impression on the field for the Texans coaching staff. 

O’Brien, who does not talk about individuals early in camp, was happy with the group as a whole including Martin.

“I think they’re all working hard, they’re all learning, they’re all trying to get into the swing of things as to how we do things, and we’ve got an eager group,” explained O’Brien. 

Martin is excited to get back to playing football after a long layoff. 

“It’s been great,” said Martin, regarding the start to his Texans career. “Obviously just out here working really hard. It’s our first opportunity to show what we have and playing football again.”

Martin will have to work to get to the top of the depth chart but the goal is to make sure Brock Osweiler gets a center who he can trust and with whom he can build a bond. 

Martin discussed what he has to do with the new quarterback to get things going. 

“You want to snap, that’s one of the biggest things, as much as possible,” said Martin. “Especially at the start. Just get a feel for each other and then just kind of hang out off the field and really get to know each other.”

Time will tell where Martin will be when week one arrives, but the clear plan is to have him be a starting cog in the offensive line. Getting him up to speed with the rest of the veteran lineman will be the next task at hand. 

“It’s been good,“ said Martin of the Texans offensive system. “A lot of work, a lot of meetings, but that’s football. That’s why we do it. That’s why we love it.”

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