Houston Texans Stephen Anderson Has One Goal In Mind

Rookie tight end Stephen Anderson has only one goal since arriving to the Houston Texans.

Former California tight end, Stephen Anderson, was a prospect targeted by many prior to the start of the 2016 NFL Draft given the need at tight end for the Houston Texans. The NFL Draft came and went and Anderson went undrafted. In the annual rookie free agent scramble, he ultimately ended up with the Texans after all.

After getting the call from the Texans, Anderson packed in a hurry and headed to Houston to join his new team. Anderson is familiar with the area after training all summer at The Athletic Performance Lab in Katy, Texas. Anderson felt Houston could be his home after a couple meetings with the decision makers for the organization. 

“I definitely felt this could be a place for me,” said Anderson. “At the combine, I met with coach (Bill O’Brien) and the general manager Rick (Smith) and got a good feel for them. They got a good feel for me. Even if I did not come down here, I really appreciated this coaching staff.”

Anderson not only met with the Texans at the NFL Combine, but had a private workout with the Texans. 

http://www.scout.com/nfl/texans/story/1668262-braxton-miller-settling-in... Arriving to rookie mini-camp comes with expectations and, in just two days, Anderson answered the call and rose above the competition on the field versus other rookies.

“I was undrafted and my goal is to make the team,” said Anderson. “I feel like I can add value to the team. That is my main goal.”

At rookie mini-camp, linebackers and safeties could not stop Anderson from getting open and catching the ball. His route running is better than most expected and the coaching staff is taking note and coaching him hard on the field to push for a roster spot when August arrives. 

Anderson has plenty to motivate him and Cal is the place to where he owes it all. His parents met at Cal when they were both in school and he knows there would be no “him” without the university. Trying to get used to the Houston humidity, Anderson knows what is in front of him. He knows why the Texans added him as soon as they could after the NFL draft concluded: to compete for a roster spot. 

Rookie mini-camp camp and went, along with three days of a crash course into the Texans playbook and an understanding of O’Brien's expectations for his players. Anderson put on the Texans practice gear and sent pictures back to his mom, letting her know he was official. He is still trying to pinch himself to realize where he is. 

“Just being official and putting this jersey on, it is crazy,” said Anderson. 

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