Bill O'Brien Makes Changes to Start Houston Texans OTAs

Houston Texans' coach Bill O'Brien made some changes to help his team on and off the field.

It was the start of OTAs and the Houston Texans opened up their third season under head coach Bill O’Brien, in a typical O’Brien practice that had pace and speed on both side of the ball. 

“No updates on anything. We’re off to a good start,” said O’Brien. “Good work. Good start.”

With a new quarterback in Brock Osweiler, new offensive weapons, a trio of new position coaches in Anthony Weaver (DL), Larry Izzo (ST coordinator), and Sean Ryan (WR), O’Brien continues to work year-to-year to improve his way of coaching the team. 

“Every year is different,” explained O’Brien.

“I think we look at everything we do,” the Texans head coach elaborated. “We’ve made a lot of changes. We’ve made a lot of changes obviously coaching staff wise. We’ve made a lot of changes personal-wise on our football team.”

“But everything that we try to do is to correct some things that weren’t very good last year or try to help – like with the sports science, try to help the performance of the players on the field. We’ve made a lot of changes,” O’Brien continued.

The Texans have implemented a program called “Catapult,” headed by the Texans new director of sport science, Erik Korem. 

“I think that what we’ve tried to do is bring Erik Korem in here to try to help us with player workloads, sleep habits, nutrition, scripting in certain instances,” explained O’Brien. 

With sensors on the players and the Catapult team on the field, played are monitored the entire practice as systems watch their heart rates, body temperatures and many other vitals, which the team will track over the season. 

The Texans have also improved their camera system to record practices and no longer use videographers on scaffolds that extend into the air to record practice. Now the Texans have improved their video system with higher quality cameras for the practices. 

“We went to a system where we can run it from the ground and we get a lot higher quality of video,” said O’Brien. “We get a lot higher quality, HD, so to speak, video where we can really see it very well. That was just something we felt would help us.”

It is a new year and the Texans continue to try to stay ahead of the curve by trying to gain an advantage, improving the team day-to-day. 

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