Houston Texans Tom Savage Has Plenty In Front Of Him In 2016

Houston Texans' Tom Savage has a chance to take over the backup quarterback duties in 2016.

There has been enough shuffling at the quarterback position since Bill O’Brien arrived to the Houston Texans in 2014. With quarterbacks coming and going, the only constant in the quarterback room has been Tom Savage, who is also the only draft pick for the position under O’Brien. 

Slowed by a knee injury late in his rookie season and a shoulder injury in the final preseason game in 2015, a new year brings new expectations. Savage has an important role heading into this season, the chance to be the back up quarterback. 

Savage had to accept early that, when the Texans signed Brock Osweiler, he would immediately need to shift his focus to winning the backup job. He embraced that idea and immediately got to work with Osweiler, helping him learn the offense by traveling with him to Arizona with teammates to workout on the campus of Arizona State. 

“Well, with Tom, what’s not to like?” said Osweiler. “Tom, first of all, is a tremendous person. He’s a tremendous teammate. He works his tail off in the meeting room and in the weight room, on the practice field. He’s a guy that you want in your corner. I really can’t say enough.”

Just like last off-season, Savage showed a nice jump in understanding the offense and this year, it has taken another step. With a noticeable improvement in both his footwork and reads, Savage is now in year three of an offense that he understands well, which is showing on the field once again early during OTAs. 

“He’s way ahead of where he was. He’s got really good command out there. His process is a lot quicker,” said O’Brien said of Savage.  “But I would say he’s made a lot of strides during the offseason and in the two years that he’s been here. Heading into his third season, I think he’s made a lot of strides.”

The strides are paying off and he will have to fend off Brandon Weeden as the backup quarterback. Both quarterbacks have come out strong during OTAs and it will be have to settled on the field. If Savage continues to put the work in like he has, he could be an important piece for the Texans offense for 2016. 


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