2016 Houston Texans Player Profile: Jeff Allen

A closer look at the Houston Texans roster heading into the 2016 training camp.

The Rundown

The Texans took some first hand looks at Jeff Allen last season when they played his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs, and he showed what he can do in a game time scenario. He is a player who matches the attitude the Texans want on the interior: nasty with a mean streak. Allen was a second-round pick in 2012 and missed all but one game of 2014 due to a torn biceps.  He started a portion of the games last season. 
Given a nice chunk of change to sign with the Texans, Allen will be the penciled in at right guard next to Derek Newton. The Texans need a step up in play for among their guards, especially for their running game.  Allen brings what the Texans were searching for during the free agency period, a new identity for the offensive line. Allen, teamed next to Newton, is what the Texans believe will make their running game thrive, plus Allen could be that player who helps Newton continue growing as a player. 

Roster Situation

Starting right guard. 

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