2016 Houston Texans Player Profile: Eric Tomlinson

A closer look at the Houston Texans roster heading into the 2016 training camp.


Added to the Texans last year early in the season due to injuries, Eric Tomlinson was an insurance policy for the tight end position. Tomlinson had some NFL experience with the Philadelphia Eagles and ended up being the back up plan at the Y-tight end position. 


His future lies with C.J. Fiedorowicz with the two being the primary y-tight ends on the roster. It will be his first full camp with the Texans so there will be a better look at what he can do. Tomlinson will have to show that he can be a plus blocker in the run game and any pass catching ability he can give the coaches something to think about. 

Roster Situation 

Tomlinson has a chance to land on the practice squad being the teams backup y-tight end in an emergency. 

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