Wise Words Have Helped Alfred Blue Continue to Grow As a Player For the Houston Texans

Wise words from a former teammates has helped Alfred Blue continue to push himself to become a complete player for the Houston Texans.

In a matter of three seasons, Houston Texans running back Alfred Blue has quietly developed into an elder statesman of the running back room. Blue, who has grown up in the Bill O’Brien era of Texans football, he has learned to embrace his growing role with the team, both on the field and helping out others who are new to the organization. 

Blue took notice of one particular former teammate who is no longer with the Texans. “It is crazy. I was the rookie in the room and now I am the old guy in the room now. Arian (Foster) is gone now and it is funny how time flies.”

He took valuable lessons from Foster over the past two seasons and is holding them close as he continues to progress in his career. Blue explained what he learned from the top Texans back in franchise history, 

“Be a student of the game and understand what is going on in front of you,” said Blue. “Watch the offensive line, understand how to be patient and set up the blocks. Don’t rush it and let it come natural and let your God-given ability take over on the field.

That is exactly what Blue intends to do in the 2016 season: focus on letting his ability to take over on the field. According to Blue, that could happen anywhere on the field, in any phase of the game.

“I see myself that guy that goes out there on special teams and still make plays,” explained Blue. “When I get my chance on offense and make plays and make best of the opportunities that the coaches give me.”

 In a season that saw Blue go from the second option in the running game to the main option in the first quarter of the season, Blue had a career high 698 yards (3.8 yards a carry) with two touchdowns and 15 catches for 109 yards and a score. That was enough to show Blue he had plenty more to accomplish on the field, starting with his preparation over the off season.

“I really concentrated just working the third down situations, catching the ball, and being on key with the quarterback knowing what he is thinking when he is making calls,” said Blue of his work this off season. 

Once again, entrenched as the Texans back to run in-between the tackles, Blue will repeatedly do the dirty work for a team that appreciates his ball security and versatility to help in multiple spots on the team. 

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