Houston Texans Training Camp: Braxton Miller Is Embracing the Grind

With learning the wide receiver position, Braxton Miller is ahead of the learning curve for the Houston Texans.

Much has been said questioning how Braxton Miller can make the transition to wide receiver in the NFL. Now, in the thick of his first NFL training camp with the Houston Texans, Miller is working at a position that he just started learning during his final season at the Ohio State University. 

“Coming from a quarterback mentality from those years at Ohio State, studying the playbook and learning the concepts, it comes pretty naturally for me," said Miller of playing the wide receiver position.  

Miller is using his experiences as a quarterback to understand how offenses work, gaining an advantage on how he needs to handle expectations as a wide receiver. He is doing just that to start camp with the Texans and working to perfect his craft. The Texans are paying close attention to Miller with Bill O’Brien, DeAndre Hopkins, and Brock Osweiler all taking time to talk to Miller when they can during practice. 

Miller also uses what Cecil Shorts and Hopkins tell him on a daily basis and how the two answer questions when he asks. 

"It’s a definite learning curve to learn from them, two guys that have been in the league and know how to take care of their body, know how to come out to practice,” explained Miller. “That’s what I look forward to every day, learning from those two guys, putting my efforts in, and making this whole receiving corps come together.”

Miller is part of a young wide receiver group that is clearly talented but has little else much known about them. The team is working to get Miller ready for the season and be part of the offense prior to the start of week one. 

“I come out here on a day-to-day basis and just learn the playbook, come out here with my teammates and give my best effort day in and day out,” said Miller. “I love the feeling of being out here every day. I’m telling you, I’m very blessed.”

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