Houston Texans Training Camp: Will Fuller Is Taking Camp Life Day By Day

Houston Texans wide receiver Will Fuller is taking his first camp day by day to prepare for the season.

The Houston Texans focused on the need for speed heading into the 2016 season and opted to land Will Fuller V to help in that department. Fuller arrived to the Texans with plenty of concerns but he has silenced many of those issues with a solid start to training camp. 

Bill O’Brien has taken notice of his top pick of the 2016 draft class. 

“Will Fuller is doing good. He’s had a good early training camp,” said O’Brien. “Good couple of days here. All of these rookies are getting used to the physical nature of an NFL training camp.” 

Fuller recognizes what he has to accomplish to make it in the NFL. He has improved his hands and fine tuned his route running. His own early concerns are about how much more physical NFL defensive backs play than at the college level. Fuller knows he has to take the next step to help the team during the season. 

“Just need to be a little more physical with the cornerbacks,” explained Fuller. “Everybody out here is a lot stronger than in college so just being more physical and staying on top of my body.”

Fuller has taken to fellow Philadelphian Jaelen Strong to ask questions to about the offense and life in the NFL. 

“I’ve definitely known Jaelen a lot, especially when I first got here I was staying with him, learning the playbook as soon as I came,” said Fuller. “Jaelen’s taken me in real good and teaching me things that I need to know.”

With a solid start to camp, Fuller continues to build on a strong showing on the field but the real answers will not come until the season arrives. With the preseason opener closing in, Fuller is doing everything he can to get ready for that game against the San Francisco 49ers. One thing is for sure, he is not looking too far ahead and is methodically working to get to that point. 

“I’m taking it day-by-day, so when we get there, I’m definitely going to be ready,” said Fuller of the upcoming preseason game. “But I’m just about to go in there and start getting ready for tomorrow.”


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