Life In the NFL Has Quenton Bundrage Prepared For His Time With the Houston Texans

Rookie wide receiver Quenton Bundrage has been cut and arrived the day of training camp trying to make a positive impression on the Houston Texans.

The NFL waits for no one and when it comes time to perform, players have to get with the program in a flash. Rookie wide receiver Quenton Bundrage was added to the roster one day before training camp opened and has been steadily working to make his mark. 

Signed after the NFL draft by the New York Jets, Bundrage was released prior to the start of OTAs. He quickly learned that NFL life doesn’t always go as planned. While searching for answers and contemplating what his next step would be, the Texans came calling and added him to the roster.

Bundrage felt his short stint with the New York Jets helped prepare him for his time now in Houston. 

“In a sense it did, regardless of what team you go to, it will be a step up from college,” said Bundrage of his short stint in New York. “That was a lifetime experience with the Jets and then I came here. They invited me here and it is not overwhelming and they are hard on you to get better. Being here it is really helping me out as a player.”

Camp life tests everyone on the field, especially the rookies and players pushing for a roster spot with the Texans. The experience treats many differently, but Bundrage likes the early work he has put in on the field.  

“Camp is starting off pretty good, not like I wanted to and coming in late,” said Bundrage. “I am still learning, growing, and maturing, but I think I have handled it pretty well.”

Already having experienced being cut, coming into a team’s camp, and learning a different offensive system on the run, Bundrage has learned a lot about himself as a player and man.  

“I can do a lot when I set my mind to it,” explained Bundrage, after putting in two plus hours of practice in the Texas heat. “If it is the terminology or the mentality on the field to push myself or my teammates, I feel I have matured to work to bring my ‘A' game everyday.”

There is a sense of relief when the first preseason game comes up for the team, getting to see different faces across the line of scrimmage and break up the monotony of training camp. With the Texans traveling to Santa Clara, Bundrage, like many of his teammates, is looking forward to getting away from Houston and competing. 

“Everything during camp gets repetitive and you are going against the same teammates,” said Bundrage of camp. “When you finally get your chance to against someone else in a different color, it is just exciting. Being able to show your coaches and teammates what you can do so they can evaluate you.”

For Bundrage, that evaluation period pits him against a loaded wide receiver group filled with youth and speed. Bundrage knows how talented the wide receiver group is for the Texans, but he is not worried about the end result, choosing rather to focus on handling his work day-to-day. 

“We never know what is going to happen after the preseason with cuts,” Bundrage explained. “In the meantime you have to take advantage of your reps. As a group, we push each other to compete everyday and our room, we have a bunch of guys who can do different things.”

His abilities to catch the ball at a high level and run crisp routes has put Bundrage into a good position to make some noise during the preseason. Time will tell where he ends up, but if he continues to plug away like he has done during training camp, the rest will take care of itself. 


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