Texans Report: J.J. Watt Expected To Start Practicing Next Week

J.J. Watt is expected to practice next week for the Houston Texans.

This tweet now makes some sense. 

NFL Network's, Ian Rapoport has reported that Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is expected to practice next week. Watt is currently recovering from back surgery that occurred right before the start of training camp. Watt has been in rehab mode since the surgery took place on July 20th.

Over a month of rehab, Watt started doing some light work on the field this past week on flat ground with his conditioning. Asked about Watt, coach Bill O'Brien updated his status. 

"I would say though that knowing J.J. the way I do that he’ll be back sooner rather than later." explained O'Brien. "He’s progressing really well. He’s been able to do some things on the Alter-G Treadmill in there which is a really good sign so as you guys would expect J.J. is really wanting to do a lot more and he’s doing a good job of following the doctor’s orders but we feel good about where’s he’s at right now relative to the beginning of the season.”

The beginning of the season is almost two weeks away but getting him in football shape and making sure everything is as healthy as he can be in the Texans primary goal. What practice really means is one thing but it is clear he is getting closer to getting back on the field. 

One thing we do suggest, wait and see until Watt is seen on the field before jumping to him being ready for week one. 


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