Derek Newton Returns To The Houston Texans To Give A Much Needed Boost

Derek Newton is back to health and expected to play week one against the Chicago Bears bringing back a much needed boost to the offensive line.

Injuries have slowed the Houston Texans and, having missed three of their five starters on the offensive line, right tackle Derek Newton is set to return this week against the Chicago Bears. With Kendall Lamm taking over the right tackle duties while Newton was out, the Texans are set to work Newton back into his starting spot. 

I’m going to listen to what coach tells me to do. Until he takes me out, I’m going to be in there,” said

Newton. Newton has missed ample amounts of time after going down the first day of training camp with a hamstring injury. It took some time for him to get back to football activities and now he is back on track to get some playing time in week one. 

It was tough for him to watch from the sidelines while rehabbing his hamstring. 

“Not being out there with the guys, it was kind of tough,” explained Newton. “Just sitting back, watching those guys out there have fun and build chemistry, it kind of felt like I needed to be out there.”

Bill O’Brien is aware of what it takes to play in an NFL game and has concerns on how much Newton can handle on Sunday. It will be monitored closely on game day and O’Brien is paying attention to Newton’s conditioning levels heading to the weekend. 

O’Brien explained, “I think with anybody that comes off of being out for a while, the first thing you want to look at is their level of conditioning and where they’re at as it relates to their own conditioning and their own ability to stay in there and sustain plays throughout a drive.”

Newton returned back to practice on Monday and he was all smiles, returning to the field with his teammates. 

“It was good just to have fun again with those guys out there, joke around,” said Newton. “It was fun.”

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