Houston Texans J.J. Watt Arriving Right On Schedule.

Questions surrounded J.J. Watt and his status but it is clear he is arriving right on time for the 2016 season.

J.J. Watt continues to be an interesting case study on how quickly someone can return from back surgery. There seems to be a consensus that Watt is further along in his recovery to get back on the field and there its a good chance he will play more than most expect on Sunday against the Chicago Bears. For the first time, Watt really discussed the procedure which occurred prior to training camp kicking off. 

The main takeaway is that he is not overly concerned with his back and is locked in on what the coaches have ahead for him on Sunday. 

“Anything and everything I’m asked,” Watt responded when asked what he can do on Sunday. 

“I feel great. I feel no limitations whatsoever,” he continued. “My body actually feels better than it did for the second half of last season, obviously, with everything we were dealing with. I’m in a pretty good spot.”

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Watt’s 2015 season saw him lock up his third NFL Defensive Player of the Year award and, when it was all over, he required two surgeries to get him back on the field for 2016. The groin injury was the one that ended his season in the Wild Card game against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

“Going through two surgeries, I think it’s definitely - you could say it was the most difficult offseason I’ve had,” said Watt. “It definitely gives you a new outlook, kind of a fresh approach. You see things from a different light when you’re going through stuff like that and you go through the ups and downs.”

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The groin surgery that Watt had done was similar to what Arian Foster had done prior to the start of the 2015 season. As Watt described it, he had to get everything re-attached. 

“I had five muscles replaced. Both of my lower abs had to be reattached, my right abductor had to be reattached and two of my left abductors had to be reattached,” explained Watt on his surgery. 

It is clear that 2016’s was one offseason that Watt would like to soon forget, but it is clear he is now in a better physical and mental state than he was over the summer. 

“I’ve gotten smarter,” Watt said. “I’ve learned more about how to deal with my body and I’ve learned that I can’t just keep pounding, pounding, pounding, and grinding through everything. I need to be smarter about what I do. I have a good plan in place now. I feel really good.”

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