The Houston Texans Are Preparing For Jacoby Brissett and the Patriots

The Houston Texans are preparing for anything and everything regarding the New England Patriots quarterback situation.

It is a short week for the Houston Texans, who are coming off of a 19-12 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, and now have to travel to Foxboro for a Thursday Night contest. With the New England Patriots already without Tom Brady due to a 4 game suspension, it appears the Texans will have to prepare for rookie Jacoby Brissett. Starting quarterback Jimmy Garropolo was injured in Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins after he was driven to the ground on his right shoulder. 

This development has left the Texans preparing for both Brissett and Garoppolo, despite reports of Garoppolo already being ruled out for Thursday. 

“We’ll look at a lot of different things. We studied both of those guys in the draft and spent some time with Jimmy. His two games against Arizona and Miami were very impressive,” explained Bill O’Brien of the team’s thoughts on both quarterbacks. “This guy is a really good quarterback, smart, quick release, accurate, can run, tough guy. Like I said, when Jacoby (Brissett) went in there, I thought he handled the game really well, good poise. We will continue to study. We will work hard just like they are working hard and try to do the best we can to put together a good game plan.”

Brissett came in for relief of Garoppolo when Garoppolo was injured against the Dolphins and went 6 of 9 for 92 yards, completing 67% of his passes. The 3rd-round pick out of North Carolina State came in and helped the Patriots to a 31-24 win, pushing their record to 2-0. 

O’Brien knows Brissett well, having scouted him during the draft process. 

“He has really good poise, very smart guy. He’s got good size; he’s like 235 pounds. He’s a good football player. When we evaluated him in the draft, we felt the same way then, too,” said O’Brien of Brissett. 

O’Brien continued, “Obviously, Coach (Bill) Belichick trusts him with their offense and (Patriots offensive coordinator) Josh McDaniels – they think highly of him. This guy is a good player. He went in there, it was a tough situation to go into that type of a game, and played well.”

There are only 38 regular season snaps on tape, plus work in the preseason, but like O’Brien and the Texans staff always does, they will leave no film unturned to find out more information on Brissett. 

“Yeah, we will watch,” said O’Brien of film on Brissett. “Whatever tape is out there, we will dig it out.”

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