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Bill O'Brien Is Not Letting One Game Define The Houston Texans

Bill O'Brien is not letting one game define the season for the Houston Texans.

Despite one of the more disappointing losses in the Bill O’Brien era, the head coach is not letting the 27-0 loss against the New England Patriots define what the Houston Texans are. 

“I love the players, the coaches, working with these guys. I’ve always said that it’s never as bad as it seems and it’s never as good as it seems,” explained O’Brien. “I’ve also always said that, really, your ability – whether I was the head coach at Penn State or the head coach here of the Houston Texans – the mark of a man, the mark of a person is their ability to deal with adversity and how you rise up from it and become better from it.”

It was a rare time in O’Brien’s tenure that the team looked outmatched on the field and on the sidelines, trying to break the Bill Belichick and New England stranglehold over them on Thursday night. Miscues on special teams due to fumbles from Charles James and Tyler Ervin on kickoffs were recovered by the Patriots deep in their own territory along with a Texans offense that did not have one of their thirteen offensive drives total more than 44 yards were both factors that were the Texans undoing. 

It was a game that the Texans and O’Brien would like to soon forget. 

“This team has a bunch of great guys in that locker room. This league is not easy. This league is not easy,” said O’Brien. “We have a game plan, they have a game plan, they have good players, we have good players. Their plan was better than ours. Give them a lot of credit. They did a good job. We’ll deal with it, we’ll correct it and we’ll move quickly to Tennessee.”

The Texans now sit at 2-1, perched atop the AFC South and are now set to play the Tennessee Titans in week four at NRG Stadium.  


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