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Will Fuller Proves To Be the Difference For The Houston Texans

Will Fuller proves to be the difference maker for the Houston Texans against the Tennessee Titans.

Will Fuller V continues to make his mark for the Houston Texans and his two scores on Sunday proved to be big in the win over the Tennessee Titans. Working with Brock Osweiler, Fuller caught 7 passes for 81 yards and a touchdown creating issues for the Titans defense. 

(Will) Fuller made plays. He is a good addition to that team. That is hard. You can take one away, but you can’t take two away,” said Titans coach Mike Mularkey of Fuller. 

Fuller has opened up a portion of the Texans offense that it has not had under a Bill O’Brien team, he is a game breaker who can flip the field impressively quickly. He was a difference maker and has played a big role in the three Texans wins this season. 

“He’s a good player. He’s a great kid. He studies hard. He wants to do well. He doesn’t have a big head. He’s just a good, good kid,” said Bill O’Brien of Will Fuller. 

The Texans threw another look for the team by putting Fuller back for a punt return which changed the game. Fuller took a punt and went 67 yards on the return which resulted a touchdown on a well-blocked which left him untouched to the end zone. 

“It’s pretty cool. I can’t do that if Coach (Bill O’Brien) doesn’t put me out there. They put me in the right situations and I am just taking advantage of it,” said Fuller of the return. 

O’Brien liked the fact that Fuller could jump in the game and make a game changing play but is not in a rush to make Fuller the primary returner. 

“One of the things that you have to take into account is when those guys are back there, they do take some shots,” explained O’Brien. “You have to be aware that this is one of your better offensive players and how much do you want to do that, but obviously he’s a dynamic punt returner.”

Fuller on the season has caught 19 passes for 323 yards and 2 2 touchdowns, averaging 17 yards per reception. He currently leads the team in yards and receptions on the season.  

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