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J.J. Watt and the Houston Texans Eye the 2017 Season

J.J. Watt arrived to NRG Stadium in preparation for the 2017 season.

It has been some time since J.J. Watt has been seen or heard from sincehe was placed on the injured reserve due to a back injury after the Denver Broncos game. Watt was coming off a 2015 season which he felt was the roughest of his career. His injury list over that season included: 

One broken hand.

One staph infection.

Two torn abs.

Three torn adductor muscles.

One herniated disc. (Twice).

Fast forward to 2016, when he said the following. 

“In January, I had surgery to reconstruct the adductors and abs. Then in July, I had another surgery to fix the herniated disc. Then in September, three games into the 2016 season, I had another surgery to fix the reherniation of the same disc. I guess this was my body telling me, 'Nice try,' when I pushed the pace of my return,” said Watt via The Player’s Tribune. Read Here

Watt showed up to NRG for the first time in a while since the injury to his back and Bill O’Brien was happy to have him in the facility. 

“He’s in the building today,” O’Brien stated. “He’s in good spirits and working hard to be better than ever in 2017.”

Watt finished his abbreviated season with 8 totals tackles and 1.5 sacks and despite not being in his best for me, he made a difference on the defense from the pass rushing standpoint. 

Despite all of the good news regarding Watt, O’Brien has made it clear that Watt will not be back until 2017. 

“Look, J.J. is working very hard to be back here in 2017,” explained O’Brien. “I don’t think he will be back here this year, although, technically you could bring him back in January or something like that. But, we aren’t going to do that. He will be back in 2017.”


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