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Tom Savage Picked Up the Pace Against the Bengals

Tom Savage had a rough first half but then the Houston Texans picked up the pace and it made the difference.

It was a tale of two halves for Tom Savage in the passing game and the 1st half was nothing pretty. Savage and the offense started the game with six drives, four of which went for 3-and-outs, all ending with punts. The second half had five drives and three ended in scores (2 FGs, 1 TD) and two drives consisted of 10+ total plays. All three drives covered more than 49 yards. 

There was a clear plan to get Savage going after a 1st half which saw him go only 2 of 7 (28.5%) for 13 yards, with his longest pass being 7 yards. second half was the difference for the Texans and helped wake up the offense. Savage went 16 of 22 (72.7%) for 163 yards and the offense was much more under control late in the game. 

Credit the Texans with making the second half adjustment of getting Savage into the no-huddle and forcing him to pick up the pace. 

“We went to no-huddle. He’s a passer. You’ve got to get him into a rhythm and I felt like we got him into a rhythm,” O’Brien stated. “The no-huddle helped our pace, our rhythm and it was just a good job by the offensive staff of getting him into a rhythm.”

Savage got into a rhythm and could feel it. 

“I thought it was getting into a little rhythm you know. Completed some balls. I mean obviously first half it was just, to be honest with you, I was just missing people,” explained Savage. “Missing some reads here and there and that’s unacceptable, so you just have to go out there and work on it.”

Savage was clear that he did not help his offensive line much in the first half by holding the ball too long which put his offensive line at a disadvantage. It was clear the Cincinnati Bengals pass rush was doing what they wanted with 10 quarterback hits and 4 sacks on Savage. A combination of poor blocking and not getting the ball out on time was the main culprit but it should be something that will clean up with more time on the field for Savage. 

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