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Pressure is Mounting for Tom Savage but That is Not Stopping Him from Having Fun on the Field

Tom Savage being the starter for the Houston Texans is not stopping him from having fun on the field.

Heading into his second start at quarterback with the Houston Texans, Tom Savage has is getting used to life as an NFL starting quarterback. With a full game as a starter under his belt, Savage has now played over a game and half of NFL snaps and is set to begin his second game against the Tennessee Titans. 

One thing is for certain, Savage is soaking it all in and making the most of his opportunity. 

“To be honest with you, I was just out there having a blast. I was out there having some fun. I guess that’s kind of what keeps the pressure level. Just going out there with my guys and having some fun,” Savage said of his first NFL start. 

The game did not begin so smoothly for Savage against the Cincinnati Bengals but he locked in during the second half and put together a strong performance to get the offense moving again. 

“I knew what we needed to do. There was never a moment in the first half where we looked at each other and said we couldn’t do anything,” said Savage of the first half of last Saturday’s game. “It was just that we needed to execute it and luckily, second half we got some stuff going. But we just have to finish.”

Savage currently is 41 of 65 (63.1%) for 436 yards with no turnovers and is still waiting on his first touchdown pass of the season. In 20 drives as the Texans quarterback, Savage has led the Texans eight scoring drives but only two of those scores were touchdowns. 

Despite the learning curve and finally getting on the field after an extended wait, Savage is not changing his approach of enjoying the game. 

“I just love going out there and throwing it. I’m still a kid,” Savage stated. “I still want to go out there and play catch and have some fun with it. It’s still fun.”

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