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Takeaways: Mike Mularkey on the Houston Texans Heading into Week 17

Three takeaways from the Tennessee Titans on the Houston Texans heading into week 17.

Takeaways From the Titans on the Texans 

To start the week, teams have conference calls with the opposing team’s head coach. Tennessee Titans head coach, Mike Mularkey, had some interesting things to say. These are his top three remarks from Wednesday’s conference call. 

Tom Savage is getting another start and Mularkey doesn’t know enough on what he will bring to game day. They have some film and are trying to use the small amount they have to formulate a game plan. 

“Not a lot of film on him, obviously. Enough for us, Dick LeBeau and his staff, to put a good plan together,” explained Mularkey. “I don’t know if we’re going to defend it any differently – defend with our scheme much differently – based on either of the quarterbacks because either could play so you have to be smart about it and have something that relates to both. But, a little more difficult without all the tape.”

Brian Orakpo discussed the issues with such little film on Savage running the offense. 

“Yeah, it’s somewhat difficult, especially at this time being so late in the season when they made a quarterback change,” said Orakpo. “So we’re definitely studying that. Knowing some tendencies and hopefully we can see some things and kind of use that to our advantage.”

Jadeveon Clowney continues to impress and Mularkey likes what he is doing as a player. 

“He’s playing out of this world, to be honest with you. Tough to block and they’re doing a good job of scheming him. Getting him in mismatches and trying him out on everybody. Romeo’s (Crennel) always done a good job of that, but he’s playing extremely well.”

With so much movement by Romeo Crennel, Mularkey gave some insight on how tough it is to defend against a player like Clowney and others with multiple alignments. 

“It’s a good plan,” said Mularkey of Crennel’s different looks. “You have to figure out where he’s at. You can help in some areas but if you don’t know exactly where he is going to line up every time, it’s hard to predicate with your play call to help wherever he ends up. So everybody is going to get a chance, that’s already been discussed as well.”

With no J.J. Watt, Mularkey is impressed with the job the Texans have done. 

“It says a lot about the players,” explained Mularkey. “The next guy up has been definitely proof that it works. It’s really a credit to Romeo (Crennel) and his staff, Bill (O’Brien), just being able to make up for that big loss, and really you wouldn’t even know it. They’ve got enough players that are playing at a high level that have made up for that loss of J.J.”

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