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Brandon Weeden Named the Backup for Wildcard Weekend

Tom Savage ruled out and Brandon Weeden named the back up for the Wildcard round.

In a bit of string of bad luck, Houston Texans late season starter Tom Savage has been ruled out of Saturday’s game with a concussion. Savage has entered the concussion protocol mandated by the NFL and will not be out in time to suit up as the backup quarterback. 

“He’s still in the protocol so I would say that he would be out for the game,” O’Brien stated. 

Brock Osweiler was named the Texans starter on Tuesday and, with Savage ruled out for Saturday, they will turn to Brandon Weeden as the backup. Weeden will be the backup quarterback for the Texans in the playoffs for the second season in a row. 

“We just came off the practice field. Spent a little bit of extra time with him on the reps. He’s in the back there watching. Got a few reps,” said offensive coordinator George Godsey of Weeden. “Definitely spent a little bit more time with him making sure he’s set for the game plan.” 

Weeden has not seen a snap all season and only has been active for one game in 2016, when he backed up Brock Osweiler in the Green Bay game because Savage had an elbow issue. 

The Texans quarterback issue, more than anything, is based on health not current performances. Osweiler is starting because Savage is injured and Weeden elevated to the backup role because of the same reason. 

Godsey feels good about Weeden’s preparation for this moment. 

“Feel good about his attention all season long,” said Godsey of Weeden. “He’s in a tough position on some weeks where he may not be active, but he’s handled it professionally. That’s how we will continue the week.”

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