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Romeo Crennel is Not Worried About Pressure, He Just Wants the Houston Texans to Play Defense

Romeo Crennel is dealing calling the defense for the Houston Texans and now it is time to dance.

To appreciate what the Houston Texans defense has accomplished so far this season, one needs to look no further than the job Romeo Crennel has done with the unit to get to this point. Crennel has pushed the boundaries with the Texans defense over the last three seasons and this season it has come together even without J.J. Watt. 

Crennel discussed what he told the defensive unit on how to survive without 3-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year Watt for the majority of the season. 

"What I have told them all year is that we have to play as a unit. Everybody on the unit has to pick their game up to try and make up for the plays that J.J. (Watt) provided,” Crennel explained. “Because J.J. provides a lot of dynamic plays, sometimes you’re not able to get those type of plays from one guy other than J.J. So the whole unit has to pick up their game and been preaching that to them. I think that they kinda of listened to the message and when they play well together, we are pretty good.”

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With five Super Bowl rings himself as a coach, Crennel keeps his second ring from his tenure with the New England Patriots along him around the Texans facility. According to Crennel, he kept that ring close to him because the rest are in a safe and that ring was the easiest to get to before he came to Houston. 

The playoffs remain Crennel’s favorite time of the year because he knows it is time to "dance." 

“You get excited about the playoffs because you know what the playoffs may lead to can lead to. So if you can make it the playoffs, like I tell them, you have your invitation to the dance,” Crennel said. “Once you get in the door at the dance, you see how far you can dance. You have to play them one at a time and that is what we have been focusing on.”

With the offense struggling, Crennel is not worried about the added pressure to his defensive unit. He is only worried about one thing and that is getting his defensive players prepared to play defense and win the game. 

“I don’t talk to them about pressure on them, I talk to them about playing defense,” said Crennel. “Whenever we go on to the field, no matter where it is where we go on the field, it is our job to play defense.”

The Texans are set to play the Oakland Raiders on Saturday, opening up the NFL’s 2017 playoff schedule at NRG Stadium. 


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