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Jonathan Grimes Proves Vital for the Houston Texans In Their Wildcard Win

Jonathan Grimes shows up big for the Houston Texans on Wildcard weekend.

When the Houston Texans needed big plays late, especially on the ground, Jonathan Grimes came through like he has for the past four seasons for the offense. With only 4 carries during the game, his 30 yards proved vital in the win as he picked up two key first downs and then on the final drive, his runs ate up precious time on a 3rd and 9 with a 10-yard scamper. 

“Nothing should get old, everyday is a new day. Then you got a new day to find out you’re in the playoffs. How can that get old?” said Grimes after the Texans win over the Oakland Raiders in the the wildcard round of the playoffs. Grimes is one of the many players who bought into the “more you can do” mantra that is vital for the Texans. Grimes continues to make plays on offense in both the running and passing games, plus his work on special teams. That has made Grimes an in-house favorite for being one of the unsung hero for the Texans. 

“I can be whatever they need me to be that week. I don’t feel like I am a cookie cutter football player,” explained Grimes. “You always hear 'the more you can do. ' I am student of the game of football. I look at every aspect of it. Once you learn everybody’s role you might understand your own role a little bit better. I think really these past two years I have just embraced my role a little bit better.”

His day did not end with his runs on the offense during the playoff game, Grimes added in a special teams tackle to go along with his big runs during the game. Grimes makes sure he is always learning something to improve his game when he is on the field and during practice. 

“Special teams isn’t always the same. Every play is different. I am still learning football, we are professionals,” said Grimes. “You always have room to learn. I might learn how to release one way, learn to rush another way, and learn how to block.” 

Grimes has been a silent force with the Texans since he arrived in 2012 from William and Mary and it appreciating his role with the team. As a part of three playoff teams with the Texans, Grimes knows what is ahead with the win over Oakland Raiders but is keeping it all on the back burner. 

“It is closer and closer to that number one goal that everyone has in the back of their mind that nobody talks about,” said Grimes of the playoffs. “It is another step closer and that is why I get excited about it. The competition is only going to get better and better. This is our next step and we are ready for the next challenge.” 

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