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Corey Moore Continues to be Steady for the Houston Texans Defense

Corey Moore continues to make positives in his starting role for the Houston Texans defense.

Safety Corey Moore has been trending upward since taking over the starting duties for the Houston Texans defense. Moore continues to provide both solid run support and help in the passing game. He has slid into a bigger role during the season and his hard work continues to pay off as it did in the wildcard win over the Oakland Raiders, when Moore made a game changing interception. 

“It is grind, no game is just flat out easy. We know we were going in and playing four quarters. Play as a team and play assignment football,”  said Moore in the locker room after the Texans wildcard win. 

That assignment football lead to Moore’s 4th quarter interception giving the Texans some late breathing room. Walking out of the locker room with the football he intercepted off of Connor Cook in hand, Moore feels that the football from that particular play symbolizes the work that goes into every play on the defensive side of the football. 

“I saw Johnathan (Joseph) deflect that ball and it was my opportunity to seize the moment,” Moore said, describing his interception.  

Moore credited the pass rush of Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus for being a big part of why he notched that interception.

“Those guys are incredible, they make my job easier that what it is supposed to be,” Moore said appreciatively of the Clowney/Mercilus duo. “I love having guys like that come off the end and the middle.” 

Moore is aware that the defense feeds off of each other and that his jobs are to not get beat deep and to make the plays in front of him. The defense continued their ways from the regular season, slowing the Oakland Raiders to 203 total offensive yards with only 2.9 yards per play throughout the entire game. 

“I think we just came out and played as a unit. Defense, special teams, and offense, and we just left it all out on the field,” Moore explained. “Big ups to the d-line and linebackers. A lot of our interceptions, without those guys in the front, I wouldn’t have been able to get an interception.” 

Like his teammates in the locker room, Moore continues to have the "next game" mentality. Enjoy the win at hand and know there is another game to be played and, from here on out, the stakes will progressively be higher in the coming week versus the week before. 

“It is always great when you get that victory at the end,” said Moore with his interception football by his side. “It is like my mentality is on to the next game.” 

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