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Houston Texans Have To Prove They are Not the Tomato Can Version

The odds are stacked against the Houston Texans and they have to prove they are not the Tomato Can Texans once again.

The Tomato Can Texans have something to prove. 

The divisional round is set for the Houston Texans and the team is heading to Foxborough to face the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. The Texans have been given rude awakenings against the Patriots over the course of their franchise history and in their last four games at Gillette Stadium, the Texans have been outscored 150-49. 

Now the Texans are a 16-point underdog in this playoff matchup. 

The Texans had a disaster of a game in week 3 of the regular season when rookie Jacoby Brissett and his injured thumb rolled to 27-0 win in a Thursday night contest. It was the start of Brock Osweiler’s struggles in the regular season while Bill Belichick and Matt Patricia set the blueprint for defenses to stop Osweiler’s leadership of the Texans offense. It was the start of some uninspiring football for the Texans and it came courtesy of a Patriots team that outplayed and out-coached theTexans team. Tom Brady returns for this match up and he is on a mission to prove to Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL that a four-game suspension was enough to inspire him to wreck havoc on everything in their way for the past 12 weeks. 

So what does that leave for the Texans?

The Texans are back in the divisional round for the first time since 2012, where they lost the Patriots in the same round. 2012 was the last time the Texans showed the potential to go deep in the playoff but now the Texans are back in the same position under head coach Bill O’Brien and with little chance to win according to many “experts” out there. (Here is no doubt the most important game of the O’Brien era and, more importantly, this is the type of game the franchise needs; games that set the bar higher for the franchise and push the limits of the organization. The Texans are getting to the point where the AFC South Championship is almost expected, now the next step starts and it is up to Bill O’Brien and his staff can prepare for the bigger stage. 

If the Texans want to take that step, monumental situations like this must be overcome. The odds are stacked against them but that is why games are played. The Texans are playing with house money and over the next week, local and national media will start the onslaught of their "Patriots have no business losing this game” narrative. Honestly, they don’t but that is why game are played, because you never know what may happen. 

The Tomato Can Texans will be front and center on Saturday Night and will have plenty to gain in the process. 

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