Former Houston Texans GM Slams Jadeveon Clowney and He is Wrong

Former Houston Texans general manager Charley Casserly had some choice words concerning the play of Jadevoen Clowney.

Former Houston Texans general manager Charley Casserly was a guest of the “Sports Junkies” on 106.7 the Fan in the Washington DC area. Casserly was asked about the NFL playoff schedule and he discussed the Houston Texans and New England Patriots. 

Casserly mentioned that he thought the Texans cornerbacks were not good enough to match up with the Patriot receivers and Martellus Bennett. The radio hosts were complimentary of Jadeveon Clowney but Casserly decided to go in on the Texans Pro Bowler and All-Pro selection.

Casserly mentioned on 106.7 the Fan “Sports Junkies”:

“Let me say this about Clowney, I watched him the other day. I haven’t really watched him much this year, he did not play well that first New England game. They ran at him and my prediction, they are going to run at him again.

"He is a flash guy now, he has extraordinary ability when he puts his hand in the ground and wants to rush on the outside. His quickness, athletic ability. He doesn’t play hard every play and doesn’t have great instincts. So I am going to run at this guy, I am going to make this guy earn his money."

"He is a highlight guy is what he is right now. He can hit homeruns now, he just doesn’t hit them all the time. He doesn’t try to hit them all the time and he can’t think well enough all the time.”

We can go on about Casserly’s comment, but somehow the lack of "instincts" and not thinking "well enough" led to a game changing interception that Clowney himself broke down in the post game press conference after the Texans wildcard win over the Oakland Raiders. 

On his interception of Connor Cook, Clowney broke down the play.  “Film study. When 30 (Jalen Richard) came into the game, we knew they like to get the ball to him,“ explained Clowney. “He’s a screen guy, he ran away from me. If he didn’t cut me, I knew he was going to throw the ball so he didn’t go for the cut like I thought off the rush. I made a play on the ball.”

Then he was asked again in the same press conference and broke down the play again. 

“30 (Jalen Richard) was in the game and they like to get the ball to this guy on screen plays and draws,” Clowney said again. “When he ran, they ran away like a roll pass, he was trying to block back but he didn’t block or cut me so I said I am going to guard him and they threw the ball back for a screen and I took it.”

This is a small example of the work Clowney puts in and the film does not lie regarding the effort he puts on the field. Either way, Casserly is off with his assessment of Clowney. 

Want to Hear the Segment? 

Segment 2 (1.10.2017) “Charley Casserly” about 7:45 into the conversation. Listen Here

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