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SOTT 2016 Rewind: The Texans Biggest Injury of 2016

State of the Texans rewinds the Houston Texans 2016 season.

State of the Texans conducted a poll for certain awards for the Houston Texans shortly after the season. 

Also to be released:

  • Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year
  • Surprise of the Year
  • Unsung Player of the Year
  • Grinder of the Year,
  • Biggest Disappointment
  • Most Valuable Player 

The first installment is the Texans biggest injury for 2017. 

Biggest Injury 

Reader’s Choice

J.J. Watt

State of the Texans Choice

Derek Newton

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J.J. Watt is no doubt worth 1 to 2 wins by himself, given the impact that he provides on the field. However, the Texans defense showed it could adjust and still be the top unit in the NFL. The Texans no doubt could have used Watt in the defense but Derek Newton was clearly a missing player for the offense. 

Chris Clark’s lack of consistency hurt the offense and there was a big hole on the right side of the offensive line. The running attack stalled to the right side of the field and the Texans only averaged 3.18 yards a carry behind him. The Texans ended up being a team that concentrated their running game from the center to the left tackle for a reason. Add in the fact that Clark struggled in pass pro all season long, allowing 8 sacks and 66 additional pressures on 721 total pass-blocking snaps. Add-in that he was called for 13 holding calls on the season and there was a clear issue created with the absence of Newton. 

The Texans might have been able to improve the play of Jeff Allen at right guard if Newton was there all season because the offensive line is only as good as the player next to you. Clark was the clear weak link in the offensive line and created issues for the unit all season. 

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