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#21-30: 51 Things We Learned About the Houston Texans at Super Bowl 51

51 things we learned about the Houston Texans at Super Bowl 51. David Carr returns to Houston, Wes Welker's role, Mike Vrabel, Romeo Crennel, Quarterbacks and more....

State of the Texans spent the week at Super Bowl 51 and worked to find out as much information, thoughts and analysis on the Houston Texans. Discussions with some of the prominent people in the NFL we put together 51 things we learned about the Texans from the busy week in Houston. -pds



Talk about praise for Romeo Crennel around league circles, the thought of him as the assistant head coach for the Texans has many liking the moves the organization has made for the upcoming season. Crennel staying with the Texans has been praised around many during Super Bowl week. 


Mike Vrabel’s name as defensive coordinator comes as no surprise to many and now, when he will become a head coach is the next question. Some think it will occur within the three years and that Vrabel has a head coaching future, with some believing it will start in Houston. Yes, you read that correctly, Houston. 


David Carr met with the Super Bowl media part of the NFL Network’s availabitiy for questions to be asked for the upcoming game. Carr said that this was his first trip back to Houston since being released in 2006. Even more so, he finally shed some light on why the Texans passed on current Oakland Raiders signal caller and brother, Derek. 

“Usually you would want to uncover every stone and make sure you at least had a conversation with (Derek),” Carr said to the media. “I think having been (with the Texans) and the way we left and Derek kind of was a part of it. I don’t know if they wanted that attention or distraction they just wanted a guy they could bring and play football.”

“I’m not going to sit here and say they didn’t think he was capable of playing for them because that’s crazy,” continued Carr. “We all know that that’s not true and I don’t think that they believe that either. I think they just didn’t want the extra stuff that would come along with it and that pressure for him.”

“I think if it was a different time and I didn’t play here that would have been an easy call for them,” Carr finished. 

Take this as you will……


Will Fuller V made an appearance during Super Bowl week and he knows that his physical strength needs to improve. Fuller was exposed his rookie season with his lack of strength and it showed more as the season wore on. 


Johnathan Joseph is entering his final year of his contract has no intentions of hanging it up, wanting to continue playing in Houston. With a cap number around $7 million and no guaranteed money, Joseph’s situation is one to watch. 

The Room is Split ......



It is interesting, talking to former NFL players during Super Bowl week, most feel that Brock Osweiler will be much better in year two with the Texans. Some state that knowing the offense and lowered expectations will help him out in year two. 



NFL analysts and media types do not think Osweiler will pull out of his funk he went through in 2016. It is a complete different mentality from players who actually played the game but either way, it is interesting to hear. 


Bob McNair early in the week said he wants Osweiler to “step up” this coming season. Also, McNair said the Texans thought they had the answer at quarterback but it is clear he is disappointed with the outcome of the position group, especially Osweiler. 


Also, while we were there listening to McNair discuss various topics, he seems to be more hopeful of Tom Savage and what he can do as the quarterback. He did note that Savage’s health needs to be straightened out but said that some quarterbacks have injuries early and turn into good quarterbacks later in their career. 


Rick Smith noted that DeAndre Hopkins and A.J. Bouye are in two totally different situations when it comes to their contracts. Hopkins has a year remaining while Bouye is set to be an unrestricted free agent. He and McNair did note they want both of the players in Houston long term but the priority for this upcoming off season has the Texans focus on Bouye for the time being. 

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