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#41-51: 51 Things We Learned About the Houston Texans at Super Bowl 51

51 things we learned about the Houston Texans at Super Bowl 51, the Texans offense, Watt is the missing piece, Pat Mahomes likes the Texans and more..

State of the Texans spent the week at Super Bowl 51 and worked to find out as much information, thoughts and analysis on the Houston Texans. Discussions with some of the prominent people in the NFL we put together 51 things we learned about the Texans from the busy week in Houston. -pds



J.J. Watt is now back in football mode and no longer rehabbing the back injury that he sustained in the first quarter of the season. Watt is now working out 5-6 hours a day at NRG Stadium and has tweaked his workouts to include more core work to help stabilize his midsection. Watt is confident he can regain his form from previous seasons. 


Multiple Texans defenders throughout the week have mentioned that they know J.J. Watt is the biggest piece of the puzzle to the defense, despite boasting the top defense in the NFL during his absence. Watt’s game changing presence was missed and key veterans know how much better they can be with him. 



This came out late in the week but there was a strong indication that during the Green Bay regular season game, which Tom Savage missed due to an elbow issue, that Savage was set to play in that game. Osweiler was struggling mightily at that point prior to getting benched and it was supposed to be Savage’s time before he came down with his elbow issue. 


Andre Johnson wants to stay involved with the Texans but not coach because it takes up way too much time. Johnson said he would be wiling to assist the receivers who need help but has no intention of coaching at any time. 


Texas Tech quarterback and NFL draft prospect Pat Mahomes sees the Texans as an appealing spot for him to land. It makes plenty of sense from a rookie’s perspective, a team that has been searching for a quarterback, the Texans, are put together for the most part otherwise. Mahomes is not the only quarterback in the draft who thinks this. (More Here


Andre Hal believes this was a developmental season for him at safety, during his second season playing the position. Hal, a converted cornerback, has been learning the position on the run and this season was more about knowing his fits and becoming a better tackler. Thee were some highs and lows for Hal this season but he has shown a good grasp in passing situation. He must get better in run defense and play more physically going forward. 



Benardrick McKinney said on a national radio interview that the defense was a little frustrated with the offense and how they performed. It was the first time anyone on the defense mentioned any issues with the offense and this is a little out of character for Texans players. 


DeAndre Hopkins wants to learn the slot wide receiver position better for the upcoming season. He mentioned that playing just on the outside allowed teams to double team him and getting him into the slot made it tough for teams to get those coverages on him. Hopkins knows he has to expand his game and going to work on learning the slot position is his off season goal. 


Jadeveon Clowney, J.J. Watt, and Whitney Mercilus at different times this week, talked about a defense that will have all three players in it, healthy and ready to go. All three are looking forward to that time on the field together, which is a far cry from where they were as a group two seasons ago. All three have embraced each other better and it is clear with their words over the past week. 


With some strong words on the Texans offense, Broncos cornerback Chris Harris called the Texans offense a watered down version of the Patriots. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman sees little similarities between the Texans offense and Patriots offense. Players see what the Texans are trying to do but also notice that they are no where close to executing it on the Patriots level. 


Harris also had plenty to say about former teammate Brock Osweiler and how the Texans overloaded him as a quarterback. He said they put too much on his plate in year one causing him to struggle. Harris is not convinced that Osweiler can handle the offense and mentioned that this offense is made for Tom Brady only, and the Texans need to shape the offense around Osweiler. 


Over a week, the one thing said by many about the Texans is that they are literally one quarterback away from getting over the hump. Analysts, reporters, current and former players like the roster for the Texans but can’t shake the quarterback issue. The game the Texans put up against the New England Patriots in the playoffs caught some attention and made most realize that the Texans have some players who can turn it up in a hurry. 

Just a quarterback away.


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