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The Houston Texans Should Be Smart and Look Past Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys are set to test the market for Tony Romo and the Houston Texans should stay away.

The market will start to heat up for the Dallas Cowboys regarding a potential landing spot for Tony Romo. Jerry Jones will check Romo’s value with teams, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, and try to trade him over the next month. 

Teams will be tagged to Romo and early favorites that have been discussed are the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills. In the city of Houston, the ongoing quarterback lust has carried over to the 2017 off season, especially after the performance Brock Osweiler turned in throughout his first season with the Texans. 

During Super Bowl week, executive vice president and general manager Rick Smith was asked about his quarterback situation and the possibility of Romo landing in Houston. 

“No, I will not share any thoughts on that. You know I will not tip my hand that way,” Smith first stated, regarding landing a quarterback in the NFL Draft.

Smith also slowed all the discussions on the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to Houston rumors for the time being. 

“I will tell you that there is no way I can comment on Tony Romo because Tony Romo is on another team,” explained Smith. “We are just working on our football team at this point.” 

On the surface, it seems like something the Texans should explore the possibility of finding a way to get Romo to Houston but, for the good of the organization, it is a situation from which the Texans need to stay far away. 

A few reasons why include: 

Age and Health 

Romo’s health situation is nothing to overlook. The soon-to-be 37-year old quarterback has not played a complete season since 2012. He is not too far removed from his best season of his career in 2014, when he threw for 3,705 yards, 34 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions with a career high 69.9% completion and quarterback rating of 113.2. 

Romo lost two seasons, 2010 and 2015, due to a broken clavicle, and the 2016 was lost due to a compression fracture to the L1 vertebra in the preseason. Add in the complication of a few games here and there missed late in the 2013 season due to back surgery to repair a herniated disc. His clavicle issue is one issue, but there have been at least three known instances where Romo has had back issues which have kept him out of games. 

For a Texans team that has been struggling for consistency at the position, on the surface the name looks good but the injury history is an overarching concern.

Texans Need Youth and Their Own 

The Texans need to go the opposite direction in terms of the quarterback position and stop trying to band-aid their quarterback issues. The history of the Texans is well-documented at the quarterback position, only two quarterbacks in their franchise history has been drafted in the top three rounds and that was David Carr in the organization’s inaugural season and Dave Ragone a year later. The most successful of the Texans drafted quarterbacks is T.J. Yates and, not taking away from the job Yates did in 2011 and parts of 2015. that should not be anything the Texans should be proud of.

  • David Carr (2002) 1.1
  • Dave Ragone (2003) 3.88
  • Drew Henson (2003) 6.192
  • B.J. Symons (2004) 7.248
  • Alex Brink (2008) 7.223
  • T.J. Yates (2011) 5.152
  • Tom Savage (2014) 4.135

The point is that the Texans have tried to fix their quarterback problems by poaching veteran quarterbacks from other organizations, including: Matt Schaub (Atlanta), Ryan Fitzpatrick (Tennessee) Brian Hoyer (Cleveland), Ryan Mallett (New England), and Brock Osweiler (Denver). If it was via trade or free agency, the Texans have tried to make other organizations' castoffs their go to quarterback. Schaub was easily the best outcome of these decisions while the others had a shelf life of a season and the team seems to be closing in on a similar outcome with Osweiler at the current pace. 

The Texans need to keep their hands off of a path that has not yielded results and push for a one of the top options from the draft class. The organization should trust their scouting department and decisions makers, for once, to find them their quarterback. 

Money and the Ripple Effect to the Roster

We know how professionals feel about their potential money. They want to be paid their worth. Romo has around $40+ million left on the last three years of his current deal. If Romo does get traded, a team would either a.) take his contract as is, or b.) find a happy medium and convince Romo to re-do his deal to fit into a team’s current cap situation. 

Romo, to land in Houston, would have to take a below market deal for it to work. We are talking less than what Osweiler is making, an average of $18 million per year with the Texans, so that would mean that Romo would have to be willing (at least in year one of the deal) less than the $18 million per year. 

If that is something Romo would want to do, then there is a good chance that A.J. Bouye would not return and DeAndre Hopkins' future would be pushed off for another off-season. Also, that would put the futures of solid players future like John Simon, Nick Novak, Quintin Demps, Ryan Griffin, Jonathan Grimes, Shane Lechler, Oday Aboushi, and Don Jones in doubt. 

Romo landing in Houston could and would shift the roster and taking on the risk is just too much to chance, especially with how things have gone for him on the field since 2012. 


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