Episode 54: Does Tony Romo Make Sense for the Texans and a 1-on-1 with A.J. Bouye

State of the Texans podcast gets going with another episode and talks to A.J. Bouye, Tony Romo, Jimmy Garappolo and much more.

Pat and Cleaver discuss small rumors flying around on the Houston Texans. Also, Cleaver works to make Pat to accept that Romo would be good for Houston. A.J. Bouye stops by to discuss the free agency process and more.

- A.J. Bouye 1-on-1
- Tony RomoTony Romo to the Texans
- Eric Magini on Jimmy Garoppolo
- Veteran Talk: Duane BrownJohnathan Joseph and Brian Cushing
- Deeper look at the Texans moving camp to West Virginia.

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