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The Houston Texans Need to Extend Johnathan Joseph and Duane Brown Before the 2017 Season

The Houston Texans have some roster management to do and it should start with extending the contracts of two key veterans.

The Houston Texans have some housekeeping to accomplish before the new league year kicks off and the futures of two players in particular stand out, those of left tackle Duane Brown and cornerback Johnathan Joseph. Under both of their current deals, the veterans have no remaining guaranteed money which lends some advantage to the Texans.

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Brown bounced back in 2016 after sustaining a serious quad injury at the end of the 2015 season. After missing the start of the season, Brown showed he is still a plus player and was the anchor of the offensive line. Brown has been a staple at his position and still has a few good seasons ahead of him. 

As for Joseph, he is still fundamentally the team’s most consistent cornerback and knows his limitations. With Kevin Johnson coming off a foot injury, A.J. Bouye’s future in Houston up in the air, and a potential position change for Kareem Jackson looming, the Texans need to make sure they have a stable player for the near future on the roster, which is Joseph. 

Joseph is entering the final season of his extension which he signed in 2015. There is plenty left in the tank to warrant feeling that he is worth a small extension this coming off-season. 

Take a look at the nuts and bolts of the deals. 

Quick look at Duane Brown

Duane Brown has $19.4 million left in the final two years of his contract and zero guaranteed money, with his cap hit averaging $9.7 million a year. 

Quick look at Johnathan Joseph 

Joseph is due $6.9 million in the final year of his deal with a $406k roster bonus 33 when the season starts. 

Both Brown and Joseph still have value in terms of what they bring to the Texans. From purely a football standpoint, the Texans should be working toextendboth Brown and Joseph heading into the 2017 season. It would be beneficial to the organization to make this move for a few reasons. 

Less Work on the Roster

The Texans are already thin at offensive tackle and could potentially, with A.J. Bouye’s future in the balance, become weaker at cornerback. The two veterans have shown they are still playing at a high level and extending their current deals would give at least an extra season (maybe more) to work on finding suitable replacements. 

Brown and Joseph are still starting material in the NFL and for the Texans. They are both under contract but, with their respective high cap numbers, an extension could bring them down. 

Cap Savings 

With extensions for the two, the Texans could create even more cap room for the upcoming off season and our good friend Texans Cap developed some mock contracts for the two showing how their new extensions could do that. 

According to Texans Cap, with the new extensions, the Texans could hypothetically create more cap space.

In total with these two contract extensions the Texans would save$5,650,000in cap savings for the 2017 season.- Texans Cap

See the Contracts Here

Cap Savings Means Money can be Allocated Elsewhere 

The Texans have money tied into current deals that can be used for cap purposes but, for both Brown and Joseph, there is value to be had. If the Texans do extend the two and create extra cap room, that money could be allocated to potentially bring back A.J. Bouye, for example. 

We looked at what Bouye’s potential deal could be for the upcoming season the Texans will enter the upcoming off-season with ~$25 million in cap space before adjustments, meaning the initial cap space will rise some more.

If the Texans, with the extensions to Brown and Joseph, could generate cap savings, that could be allocated to money to re-sign a player like Bouye or address another position of need. 

The Texans could stretch their money out by taking care of their own in Jospeh and Brown plus have extra money to devote to Bouye. 

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