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Report: The Houston Texans "Intrigue" Tony Romo the Most

ESPN is reporting that the Houston Texans are a team that Tony Romo would want to play for in 2017.

Houston, Texas - With so much instability regarding the Houston Texans quarterback position, the issue is once again is taking center stage of the 2017 off-season. The Texans have potentially struck out on the signing of Brock Osweiler and his $37 million guaranteed contract while continuing to hope that Tom Savage will beat his injury issue to potentially get more time on the field. 

With the rumors surrounding the Texans and the position, ESPN's Ed Werder dropped a haymaker regarding Tony Romo and his future with the Dallas Cowboys.

Werder expects that Romo will be released by the Cowboys and there will be no trade in the works due to his current contract. More importantly is that Werder, one of the more plugged in media sources to the Dallas Cowboys, has pointed to the Texans has a potential spot he would like to continue his career. 

Werder said the following on ESPNs Sportscenter. 

“He (Romo) sees Kansas City as a possibility, sees Denver as a possibility but the team that seems intrigues him the most is the Houston Texans,” Werder stated. 

“...which is feasible for a lot of reasons. Proximity to Dallas that would ease any hardships on his family, so they can be part of it. They are a great defensive team that have a lot of offensive skill position weaponry that he can use,” Werder continued. “But he is viewed as a short term solution, a potential injury risk because he has only played 5 of the last 32 games that the Cowboys have been on the field. He has only thrown 125 regular season passes since the 2014 season.”

Werder elaborated further on the Romo situation. “This will be a move, for whoever that makes it, that comes with a significant amount of risk and probably going to have to accept a contract that doesn’t have a huge base salary. He is probably going to have to do what Peyton Manning did and play largely for incentives.”

There will be questions on whether the Texans, if there is a chance to sign Romo, can afford the 37-year old signal caller. Werder had a quick look at the Texans current cap situation. 

“They do have a significant amount of financial flexibility under the cap. It wouldn’t be comfortable to accommodate two quarterbacks,” Werder explained. “If Romo plays primary for incentives then it doesn’t get the whole thing out of whack so it doesn’t balance.”

If Romo is released by the Cowboys, Werder is clearly laying the groundwork for what would be the story of the off season. This would be the second year in a row that the Texans would be a huge focus of the NFL's off season news.    

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