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Can the Numbers Work for the Houston Texans To Land Tony Romo?

A closer look at the potential contract it would take for Tony Romo to land in Houston for the 2017 season.

Last week on the site, we outlined why the Houston Texans should stay away from a Tony Romo trade for a multitude of reasons (Read Here). Now, with the recent news that Romo is intrigued on the possibility of what the Texans have to offer if he were to be released by the Dallas Cowboys, we examine the situation closer to determine if such a deal would fundamentally be possible. 

Reports surfaced last week Romo is heading down the road of being released and becoming an unrestricted free agent. Things change for every team needing a quarterback if Romo becomes a free agent, including the Texans.

The beauty of the salary cap is that it can be manipulated to free up money and the Texans are in a solid spot to adjust their roster without losing any of their top players. 

For starters, extending Duane Brown and Johnathan Joseph could help in freeing up some money (READ HERE), leading to the million dollar question: could the Texans get Romo under contract with Brock Osweiler’s current deal on the books?

The answer is yes, but with some help from Romo. 

First and foremost, Romo would have to be willing to have a team friendly deal in year one of his contract below his market worth.

The Texans would have to structure a deal for Romo, which literally pays him little money in the first year of his contract, in terms of cap number. Romo could be signed to a 4-year deal worth $53 million and only a cap number of $3.437,500 in year one of that deal. 

On, our good friend outlined a potential deal for Romo and how it could theoretically work and still allow the team to make necessary moves. 

4 year contract worth $53,000,000 and up to $57,000,000 with $9 million guaranteed at signing and an additional $10 million in vesting guarantees.  The $9 million initial guarantee would be made up of $8 million signing bonus and a fully guaranteed $1 million salary for 2017.  A $10 million salary in 2018 would become guaranteed for injury only 5 days after the Super Bowl in 2018.  Each season would include $1 million in roster bonus, which would be paid $62,500 per week when Romo is on the 46-man game day roster, to provide some protection for the team.  The contract would also include $2 million dollars in performance incentives in 2017 & 2018 as follows:  $1 million dollars for reaching the AFC Championship and $1 million dollars for reaching the Super Bowl.

See the full structure of the deal here: CLICK HERE 

Even with the potential Romo deal, the Texans would enough room to sign A.J. Bouye as a free agent or possibly using the franchise tag. It would also allow the team to extend DeAndre Hopkins, whose cap number entering year five is going to be $7.9 million. A new extension could possibly drop Hopkins cap number for 2017, which will help get the Texans under the cap. 

Romo would have to be willing to come to Houston and understand that his first year with the Texans would have to be literally for nothing in terms of base pay. His contract would not take shape until 2018, when Osweiler’s deal could likely come off the books. 

Either way, there is a way for Romo to end up with the Texans but the veteran quarterback would have to give up some in year one of the deal to make it work. 

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