Texas Tech's Patrick Mahomes Meets with the Houston Texans at the NFL Combine

The Houston Texans met with Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes at the NFL Combine.

The Houston Texans have interviewed Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes at the NFL Combine. This is the first known news of the Texans meeting with one of the top four quarterbacks in the NFL Draft. Mahmoes is considered a late first round prospect who will need some time to develop to get ready for the NFL game coming from the Red Raiders spread offensive concepts. 

Mahomes knows that his interview process at the combine is the start of improving his draft stock to let teams know he is not a system quarterback. 

“I just show them my knowledge for the game. That’s the only way I can prove it wrong." Mahomes said of being a system quarterback. "You look back at the system quarterback, a lot of guys didn’t work out. So for me, it’s just going to be about proving those guys wrong, going out there and really showing my knowledge of the game and just competing. It’ll all show up when you get to the field.”

At Texas Tech, Mahomes put up some impressive numbers throwing for 5.052 yards with 41 touchdowns and 10 interceptions completing 65.7% of his passes. Mahomes has thrown for over 11,000 yards 93 touchdowns and 29 interceptions in his three seasons with the Red Raiders. 

Mahomes has his sights on being a day one selections when the NFL Draft arrives. 

“I mean, it would definitely be awesome. That’s the dream." Mahomes said to possibly be drafted in the 1st round. "You want to be a first round guy. But for me it’s all about going to the right team, the right organization. I just want to get coached really hard. I want to have every chance to go out there and prove my game every single day.”

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