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Texas Notebook: Early News from the NFL Combine and Jay Cutler Wants In?

A closer look at some early news and rumors coming out of the 2017 NFL Combine including Jay Cutler wanting on the Houston Texans bandwagon.

This week at the Combine has brought up some interesting rumors concerning the Houston Texans and possibilities they could turn to as the season creeps in. 

More Clemson Players? 

As we mentioned in our 51 things that we learned about the Texans during Super Bowl week (READ HERE). We mentioned that the Texans were preparing to keep an eye on the Clemson defensive line. The Texans had a formal interview with Clemson’s Carlos Watkins on Sunday Night. 

Here was our 36th entry in that post.

Bill O’Brien Can't Land His Guy

Bill O’Brien has been working hard trying to land Iowa offensive coordinator and good friend Brian Ferentz. O’Brien has worked with Ferentz before when they were both with the New England Patriots and he pushed hard prior to landing the Texans job on brining in Ferentz as the offensive line coach. More than one time O’Brien has tried to bring in his friend and his coaching knowledge to Houston with no avail.

“I tried to hire him at Penn State,” O’Brien said this week at the 2017 NFL Combine. “His dad (Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz) wasn’t letting anybody hire him away. I tried to hire him early on in Houston. Very, very smart. Very competitive. A hard-working guy, really good staff guy. Understands his role. Really helped me a lot at New England in a lot of different ways.”

Jay Cutler to the Texans? mentioned the Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler wants to sign with the Texans, if cut by his current team. It is a rumor to this point but there is some legs to this because of where the news is coming from.

Walter Football was one of the first to mention that Brock Osweiler’s decision would come down to the Denver Broncos and Texans when free agency began. Plus. they also predicted prior to the draft that signs were pointing to the Texans selecting Will Fuller in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

For the time being, let’s put that on the back burner but there is little doubt the Texans would trend up if they took a chance on Tony Romo or Cutler for the 2017 season. 

Draft Trends Influencing in House Decisions

The Texans, like many teams, are assessing what is in house, in terms of free agents, and what is available on the open market or the draft. More notable names for the Texans in free agency are John SimonRyan Griffin and A.J. Bouye. The three positions of note are key, OLB, TE and CB and that is playing into decision making heading into the legal tampering period. 

The Texans would love to have Bouye back in Houston but for a reasonable but their market value price. Like most teams, the Texans have a budget that focuses on the short term into the long term shape of the team. The NFL Draft is giving the Texans options to make sure they don’t spread themselves too thin in terms of money and with a deep cornerback class in the draft. The Texans have a cost effective option if they choose that route.

The Texans appear ready to let Ryan Griffin test the market and their actions since the off-season show they are monitoring the tight end market. They have met with a good portion of the tight end group at the Senior Bowl and also keeping tabs on the same group at the Combine with informal meetings.

If there is a year to get a tight end, this is the draft because it is being one of the most talented in nearly a decade. 

“There are eight guys that I have potential first-round grades on the edge. So anybody looking for an edge in the first round is going to find them.” - Mike Mayock. 

John Simon’s future is up in the air especially with Brennan Scarlett on the roster and what is lurking in the draft in terms of depth. The Texans used their scouting and inside info from Mike Vrabel to pluck Simon off the Baltimore Ravens practice squad and trust their coaching to take care of the rest. 

These examples are showing what is ahead for the Texans and the availability of good prospects in the draft to give the Texans options on their own personnel and to make wise decisions on the free agent market. 

Clip of the Combine

Bill O'Brien is backing DeAndre Hopkins and made it clear in this exchange with a reporter. 

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