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The Good, Bad and the Ugly: A Closer Look at the Texans Sending Brock Osweiler to Cleveland

The Good , Bad and Ugly of the Houston Texans moving Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns.

The dust has settled after the Houston Texans made one of the most aggressive moves in recent memory, trying to move on from a player to get them off their roster. The Texans are now a few days separated from moving Brock Osweiler off the roster and opened the door for their 5th different opening day starting quarterback in as many seasons. 


One thing that should be clear is that the move probably will not come into focus until later on down the road in terms of the cap space they cleared up and how Osweiler’s exit changes the complexion of the team in 2017. 

It was clear the Texans had seen enough of the Osweiler era and the fact that they wanted to move him prior to the start of the season, at all costs, speaks volumes. 

We take a look at the the good, bad, and ugly of the Osweiler deal. 

The Rundown

Texans Cap Ramifications 

  • Save $16 million in cash flow over the next two seasons. 
  • Save $10 million in cap space in 2017.
  • Frees up the funny money of cap space with no real money backing it. Beyond this season, the Texans save $18 million in 2018 and $17 million in 2019.

In Return 

  • Texans land Cleveland's 4th round pick (#142) in 2017 

Sent Out

  • Texans gave Cleveland their second round selection in 2018.
  • Texans send their 6th round pick (#188) in 2017, which was acquired from the Chicago Bears in the Khari Lee trade.

The Good

The Texans found a suitor and ejected on a free agency deal that went bad in a hurry. The Texans on were on the hook for $21 million (salary + signing bonus + roster bonus from 2016) and they found their exit by striking a deal with Cleveland. With no more money going out, the Texans paid one-year totaling $21 million to have Osweiler in a Texans uniform. 


The organization gets themselves out of the corner and opens their options back up for this year at the position and beyond. There is nothing hanging over the team's head as they continue to look for a new quarterback. 

No more rough Sundays of watching the Texans offense sputter drive after drive may be ahead but, more importantly, they are working to ensure they can find the right quarterback for the 2017 season. 

The Bad 

The bad part of the deal is that the Texans had to move their 2nd round pick of the 2018 season and in the NFL draft picks are gold. The Browns did have to ante up $16 million for the pick and an extra $4+ million for the contract when that player is selected, if they keep the pick. 

Draft picks remain the life line for NFL franchises and getting top end young players on the roster is how the best rosters tend to be built. Giving up a second round pick is not the best for any team. 

Also, the Texans will enter their 5th consecutive season with a question at the most important position on the field and are in line to start their 5th different quarterback for the upcoming season. 

The Ugly

The Texans went through every avenue on trying to get out of Brock Osweiler and his contract less than a calendar year after the fan fest introducing him a year earlier. The Texans did not back Osweiler when the off-season arrived and Bob McNair, Rick Smith, and Bill O’Brien all deflected the questions on Osweiler’s future and whether he was set to be the starter in 2017. O’Brien also went to the lengths to defend DeAndre Hopkins at the NFL Combine when he was asked about the receiver's slip in production. 


The Texans valued the fact that they found it a necessity to move Osweiler as quickly as they could and not have him in the locker room for the 2017 season. Whatever direction the Texans choose at the quarterback position, it was enough to ensure that Tom Savage or any other QB option who could start would not have Osweiler in the back ground. 

Add in the fact that there was an alleged confrontation with Osweiler and O’Brien in the locker room in week 17 along with theories on how the relationship with Osweiler deteriorated from the jump. Call it bad play or just a bad combination, the Texans wanted him out and gone in less than a year. 

Simply put, it was a miss. The signing of Osweiler was a complete failure on all levels. 


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